The ICA Director General is in Norway for an official trip

[Oslo, October 14, 2023] 

The Director General of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA), Mr. Ahmed Said Mohamed, and other delegations visited Norway on a business trip.

Mr. Mohamed had constructive talks with Norwegian government officials from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), National Police Immigration Service (NPIS), Police directorate Norway and Norwegian ID Centre. The discussions centred on future bilateral cooperation, particularly the sharing of experiences related to immigration, officer training, and ongoing assistance for the development of ICA.

The ICA team visited a variety of centres and institutions where the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and public Security and other relevant entities operate in order to acquire insight into their working procedures and operations.

The DG’s travel to Norway provided a vital opportunity to improve cooperation and build mutual understanding between the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia and its Norwegian counterpart.

This visit to Norway showcases the new ICA leadership’s efforts to expand international ties and increase agency capability.

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