The Federal Council of Ministers of Somalia approves the Historic ICA Regulations.

[On January 4, 2024]

the Somali Federal Council of Ministers approved the rules regulating the country’s Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA).

This significant move represents a major step towards improving service delivery, promoting immigration, and safeguarding border security. The recently ratified draft of regulations establishes a comprehensive framework governing ICA activities and the counter’s immigration, ensuring transparent and efficient service delivery to both citizens and other clients.

Going beyond border control measures, the regulations address numerous immigration-related challenges and enhance the processing of applications for work permits, citizenship, visas, and residence permits.
“With the implementation of these rules, our border enforcement agents will possess the legitimacy and authority required to effectively counter organised crime, ensure efficient operations, and safeguard our borders,” said Ahmed Said Mohamed, the ICA Director General. He further highlighted, “Through this regulation, the ICA aims to cultivate a new environment, facilitating legal and orderly migration while ensuring the security and integrity of Somalia’s borders.”

An additional objective of the endorsed regulations is to enhance the skills and capacity of ICA personnel through the implementation of standardised procedures and clear instructions.
The new legislation aims to empower ICA staff to carry out their responsibilities with intensified efficiency and reliability, ensuring fairness, accuracy, and expertise when assisting businesses and individuals in need of immigration services.

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