Visa Issuance

Requirements For Inviting Foreigner To The Country (Companies/Organization):

  1. Registration;
    1. Information or Profile of the company/agency;
    2. The registration certificate of the company/agency;
    3. The company's/agency's license;
  2. A petition for a visa, including all the details of the in-coming person, the reason for coming and the duration of the stay, with signature and legal seal;
  3. Proof of guarantee (security, residential and his/her life);

Requirements for Government Agencies Inviting Foreigner Into Country;

  1. A formal application with a signature and a legal seal, that certifies the name of the individual, passport number, his/her nationality, country of origin, the reason, duration of the stay and date of arrival.
  2. The name of the applicant and his/her contact details for further details if necessary.

Requirements for Diplomats Arriving in the Country:

  1. The official permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, certifying the name of the individual, his/her passport number, nationalities, country of origin, the reason, duration of the stay and date of arrival.
  2. Name and contact details if needed for further details.

Requirements for The Citizens Inviting Foreign National into the Country.

  1. The host's CV with accurate details;
  2. A visa application with details of the foreigner (his/her passport, nationality, origin), the reason, duration of stay, proof of guarantee (his/her security, residential, and life) singed;
  3. A copy of the host's passport;
  4. A copy of the host's ID card.

Requirements for The Foreigners Arriving the Country

  1. A copy of valid passport that remains valid for at least 6 months;
  2. A passport size photo with white background(for a normal foreigner);
  3. Personal ID (if any)
  4. A copy of the host's invitation letter
  5. To fulfill entry form