Officials from ICA of Somalia excel in MIDAS training in Tanzania

Moshi, Tanzania – November 20, 2023

Officials of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA) have successfully completed a two-phase training on Migration Information and Data Analysis (MIDAS).

The training was organised by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to enhance the skills and knowledge of ICA officers and staff in managing the border immigration system using the MIDAS.

The first phase of the training was conducted in Somalia, and under the facilitation of ICA trainers, officers from various border crossings in the nation participated.

The second phase was held in Moshi, Tanzania, where the agency’s officers got further hands-on experience with biometric data gathering, document verification, and data analysis in MIDAS.

Attendees from the ICA’s training programme have enriched their understanding of MIDAS and the immigration procedure and as a result of their training, they will be able to better assist their fellow ICA officers in managing migration and border security.

This training was part of the ongoing cooperation and partnership between the IOM and the Somali government to support the development and modernization of the ICA.

Previous Somalia’s PM visited the ICA, endorsing the new leadership’s reforms.

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