Officers of the ICA received advanced document verification training

Nairobi, Kenya – Nov 24, 2023 

Officers from the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA) concluded in Nairobi, Kenya, a three-day training programme on fraudulent document detection.

Swiss experts in document security and authentication delivered the training, which had thorough sessions with both theoretical and practical components.

Participants learned how to test the qualities and characteristics of authentic and counterfeit passports, visas, and identification cards that are routinely used in travel.

Facilitators of the programme used cutting-edge methodologies and technologies to demonstrate document detection techniques, giving participants hands-on experience with genuine and simulated document examination.

The Swiss government supported the ICA by providing key technology to enhance document verification at its headquarters.

A senior adviser, Hr Director, and Swiss officials attended the training’s grand finale.

Maintaining safe and orderly migration procedures is a top priority for the new leadership of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia.

Previous ICA conducts a 4-day consultation on immigration and citizenship regulations.

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