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Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) is a governmental agency in charge of regulating immigration and Citizenship processes in the Somalia. It is responsible for issuing admission- and residence permits, granting Somali citizenship and deportation procedures.

Our  Mission and Vision

The ICA's mission is to ensure the country's security and integrity by efficiently managing immigration processes and providing dependable services. The agency strives to ensure that individuals move seamlessly across national borders while adhering to the principles of fairness, transparency, and legal compliance.
The Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) envisions a Somalia that is stable, welcoming, and prosperous. Here, ICA serves as the foundation for sovereign protection and civic prosperity, made possible by exceptional immigration and passport services.

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 Aden Abdulle international Airport, Mogadishu, Somalia

Phone: +252614465000

Call : 2000

Email: info@immigration.gov.so

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