Somali citizens are entitled to apply for the renewal of their lost passport, subject to meeting the established requirements.

  1. Formal Written Request Letter: Submit a signed request letter outlining the circumstances of the lost passport and the need for a replacement.
  2. Two Passport Photos: Provide two recent passport-sized photographs that meet the specified requirements.
  3. Police report letter: Obtain a valid of police report letter from the police station in the jurisdiction where the passport was lost. This document serves as proof of the lost passport incident.
  4. Waiting Period: Please note that the process of tracking the lost passport will take up to one month (30 days). This timeframe allows for thorough investigation and verification.
  5. Birth Certificate: Include the original birth certificate issued by the local government. For applicants residing outside the country, an original birth certificate issued by the Somali embassy or consulate in their country of residence will be accepted.
  6. Certificate of Non-Criminal Record: Obtain a valid Certificate of Non-Criminal Record from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Somalia. Alternatively, an equivalent document issued by Somalia Embassies or Consulates may be provided.
  7. Personal and Document Verification: Successfully complete the designated verification process, which involves a personal interview and examination of relevant documents to confirm your identity and eligibility.
  8. Payment Receipt: Present a valid receipt as proof of payment for the prescribed passport application fee.

N.B. By fulfilling these requirements, Somali citizens can initiate the process of replacing their lost passport. It is essential to comply with all the necessary steps to ensure the accurate issuance of a new passport and maintain the integrity of the passport system.

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