Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia wraps up training on humanitarian border management

[April 25, 2024]

The Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA) concluded a comprehensive two-day training that centred on the effective management of humanitarian border crises. Held in Mogadishu, the workshop aimed to equip frontline immigration officers with essential skills and knowledge to handle immigration crises while upholding human rights.

Sixteen immigration officers participated in the training, gaining insights into safeguarding human rights during times of crisis without compromising national safety, security measures, or sovereignty. The training emphasised the importance of balancing humanitarian concerns with the nation’s security needs.

ICA Somalia reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing the capacity of immigration officers to provide transparent and high-quality services in alignment with international human rights standards. The agency aims to ensure that immigration management practices prioritise respect for human rights while maintaining the integrity of Somalia’s borders.


Previous The ICA Officers participated in a week-long training session on immigration and border control in Moshi, Tanzania.

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