ICA conducts a 4-day consultation on immigration and citizenship regulations.

On 5 November 2023,

The consultation meeting organized by the Somali Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) lasted for four days, aiming to gather insights from participants regarding its inaugural regulations.

The State Minister for the Ministry of Internal Security, H.E. Mohamed Ali Hagaa, has formally opened a four-day consultative meeting.

The minister urged attendees to engage in an in-depth discussion on the new draft regulations. Senior executives, heads of branchs, department directors, and staff members of ICA were present at the meeting.

In his opening remarks, Minister Hagaa underlined the vital role that ICA officers, leadership, and members of the public should play in enhancing the output of this important consultation. “We expect you throughout the four days of the meeting to combine your knowledge and expertise to propose useful ideas that can lead to a final draft of regulations for the ICA,” Hagaa said. “The outcome of this consultation will change how the agency operates going forward, and it should increase its overall efficiency in providing services to Somali citizens,” he added.

The Director General of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia, Mr. Ahmed Said Mohamed, asked the officials participating in the consultation to carefully consider the country’s other relevant rules throughout the process of developing the new regulations. “The ultimate goal of this meeting is to produce the inaugural regulation of the agency.

At the conclusion of the four-day period, the officers and leadership of the ICA will produce comprehensive regulations that align with the priorities of the Somali people and uphold the agency’s mission.

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