Director General of ICA Somalia visit and met the Ambassador of Somali embassy in Kenya

[January 30, 2024]

The Director General of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency, FGS, Mr. Ahmed Said Mohamed, recently conducted a productive meeting with the Ambassador of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) Embassy in Kenya.

During his visit to the JFS Embassy in Kenya, the Director General engaged in discussions with Ambassador Jibril Ibrahim Abdulle and other officials from the Embassy. The meeting aimed to strengthen collaboration between the Immigration and Citizenship Agency and the FGS Embassy.

Furthermore, the Director General took the opportunity to hear a comprehensive report from the ICA Attaché’ and other officials, regarding the efficient functioning of the passport and immigration services and highlights the achievements and challenges faced by the office.

In his address to the officials, the Director General emphasized the importance of providing efficient and effective public services. He encouraged the team to focus on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the passport and immigration services, ensuring that it meets the highest standards and meets the needs of the Somali citizens.

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