ICA Somalia Organizes Meeting to Strengthen Border Management and Collaboration.

[Febraayo 12, 2024] Kismayo City, Somalia – In a significant step toward improving border security and strengthening collaboration, the Immigration and Nationality Agency of Somalia (ICA) convened a crucial meeting with key government agencies in Kismayo. The meeting brought together 21 officers from various departments, including the ICA, National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), Somali […]

Immigration and Citizenship Agency enhances passport services by reforming and restructuring its enrolment center.

[Febraayo 8, 2024] The Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA) has improved the passport service by increasing its daily ordinary passport application admissions. The agency’s DG, Ahmed Said Mohamed, described this move as a response to the surge in applications for ordinary passports owing to the impending Hajj season. Ordinary passport applications, which may […]

ICA has renovated its international arrival area to make service delivery more accessible and smoother

[January 31, 2024] The Somali Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) has renovated its international arrival area to make service delivery more accessible and smoother. With more people coming on international flights, the ICA expanded and modernized its immigration counters to handle the increase. The improvements include more counters, high-tech systems to check identities, and better […]

Director General of ICA Somalia visit and met the Ambassador of Somali embassy in Kenya

[January 30, 2024] The Director General of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency, FGS, Mr. Ahmed Said Mohamed, recently conducted a productive meeting with the Ambassador of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) Embassy in Kenya. During his visit to the JFS Embassy in Kenya, the Director General engaged in discussions with Ambassador Jibril Ibrahim Abdulle […]

The Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia visits Saudi Arabia

[JEDDAH, KSA – January 10, 2024] The Director General of Somalia’s Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA), Mr.Ahmed Said Mohamed, along with other delegations, visited the Somali Consulate in Jeddah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The visit is part of the agency’s top management efforts to improve the ICA’s operations and services it provides to […]

The Federal Council of Ministers of Somalia approves the Historic ICA Regulations.

[On January 4, 2024] the Somali Federal Council of Ministers approved the rules regulating the country’s Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA). This significant move represents a major step towards improving service delivery, promoting immigration, and safeguarding border security. The recently ratified draft of regulations establishes a comprehensive framework governing ICA activities and the […]

A new horizon is on the rise for East Africa as Somalia joins the long list of African countries to join the EAC

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Officers of the ICA received advanced document verification training

Nairobi, Kenya – Nov 24, 2023  Officers from the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA) concluded in Nairobi, Kenya, a three-day training programme on fraudulent document detection. Swiss experts in document security and authentication delivered the training, which had thorough sessions with both theoretical and practical components. Participants learned how to test the qualities […]

ICA conducts a 4-day consultation on immigration and citizenship regulations.

On 5 November 2023, The consultation meeting organized by the Somali Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) lasted for four days, aiming to gather insights from participants regarding its inaugural regulations. The State Minister for the Ministry of Internal Security, H.E. Mohamed Ali Hagaa, has formally opened a four-day consultative meeting. The minister urged attendees to […]

The ICA Director General is in Norway for an official trip

[Oslo, October 14, 2023]  The Director General of the Immigration and Citizenship Agency of Somalia (ICA), Mr. Ahmed Said Mohamed, and other delegations visited Norway on a business trip. Mr. Mohamed had constructive talks with Norwegian government officials from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), National Police Immigration […]

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