Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) of Somalia

Evolution and Milestones:
The Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) has been a pillar of the country’s strength and progress. Through decades of dedicated service, ICA has achieved numerous milestones, including the digitization of immigration records and the implementation of advanced biometric security measures. These advancements have not only streamlined operations but also strengthened the nation’s defences against evolving threats, demonstrating the agency’s dynamic adaptability.

Manade and excellence:
The commitment to ensuring the nation’s sovereignty and public safety is central to ICA’s mission. A strict adherence to national security protocols, as well as meticulous immigration and passport services, contribute to this goal. The agency is also responsible for border security, as well as monitoring and managing cross-border movements.

Comprehensive Services:
A variety of services are provided by ICA to both Somali citizens and foreign nationals. These include the issuance of the Somali biometric passport, which is known for its advanced security features, travel documents and expedited entry visas. Strategic collaborations with diplomatic missions and consular offices enhance these offerings, allowing individuals travelling to and from Somalia to experience seamless international travel and immigration processes.

Nationwide Accessibility:
The agency’s strong national presence is demonstrated by its extensive network of regional branches. Each branch ensures accessibility and efficiency for those seeking immigration and passport services, with professionals dedicated to providing excellent service. These branches demonstrate ICA’s commitment to quality, as they strictly adhere to established procedures and protocols.

Technological Frontier:
In its pursuit of excellence, ICA consistently strives to exceed expectations by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. This forward-thinking approach has propelled the agency to the forefront of national security and travel facilitation, ensuring the smooth transit of individuals and protecting the nation’s borders.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The Immigration and Citizenship Agency (ICA) envisions a Somalia that is stable, welcoming, and prosperous. Here, ICA serves as the foundation for sovereign protection and civic prosperity, made possible by exceptional immigration and passport services.

Our Mission

The ICA's mission is to ensure the country's security and integrity by efficiently managing immigration processes and providing dependable services. The agency strives to ensure that individuals move seamlessly across national borders while adhering to the principles of fairness, transparency, and legal compliance.

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