Immigration and Naturalization Directorate (IND) is a governmental agency in charge of regulating immigration and naturalization processes in the Somalia. It is responsible for issuing admission- and residence permits, granting Somali citizenship and deportation procedures.

The IND plays an important role in the country's economy, as it deals with issues such as recognizing the qualifications of foreign professionals, foreign students and other foreign nationals who come to Somalia for work or study. It also ensures that the country's social security system does not become a subject of abuse and fraud.

The Immigration and Naturalization Directorate of Somalia is responsible for managing the country's immigration and naturalization policies. The Director is appointed by the Council of Ministers and is responsible for the development, implementation and enforcement of immigration and naturalization laws and regulations. The Directorate is part of the Ministry of Interior and is responsible for overseeing the intake and processing of foreign nationals in Somalia.



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    No it does not. The processing fees is a chargeable fee for using the online application platform to apply for Somalia Visa

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    Permit of Stay Requirements The foreigner applying permit of stay should comply the requirements and the reason of staying in the country.

  • Immigration Program

    UN and Intergovernmental Employees: UN and intergovernmental employees should meet the following requirements:

    1. A written official approval from the Ministry of foreign affairs
    2. Valid passport for at least one year.
    3. National ID
    4. Two passport size photos
    5. Employment contract.
  • Worker Visa

    Foreigners working for the Government: foreigners working for the government should have the following documents:

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