To contribute to the security and prosperity of Somalia by:

  • Exercising effective immigration control along all of our borders – both sea and land.
  • Facilitating the travel of genuine travelers and welcome people from around the world to discover the vast opportunities Somalia offers.
  • Preventing and detecting immigration crimes related to domestic and international by keeping out criminals.
  • Issuing to residents highly secure passports, identity cards, and travel documents.

Core Values

  • Integrity and Impartiality.

We will faithfully apply all FGoS policies and practices in regards to immigration with impartiality and honesty, and will uphold our high standards of integrity at all times.

  • Courtesy and Compassion.

We will treat each member of our citizens and visiting foreigners with respect, courtesy and compassion.

Vision Statement

“Build Somalia’s future through the well managed movement and settlement of people”.


  • To coordinate the entirely Agency’s Centers from federal to State level and Strict running of the various activities.
  • Protection of the borders, monitoring anyone of entering and exiting the Air, Sea and Land, while fulfilling national obligations.
  • Setting a Transparency policy and strategy based on National Obligations and mandate of the Agency with the aim of how to deliver the Somali passport and Citizenship in a way of international Standards, under many aspects, including the protection of national security and protection the integrity and dignity of Somali people.
  • Protection and ensuring how to provide the national document related to the immigration such as, ordinary Passport, Service passport, diplomacy passport and emergency travel documents.