Somali Passports

The Immigration and Naturalization Directorate is the sole agency responsible for the issuance and protection of the Somali Passports. Pursuant to the Immigration Act, passports are issued to Somali Citizens for the purpose of traveling and to also proof that the rightful holder of a Somali Passport to be a Somali Citizen.

The Somali Passports are electronic, ePassports that exceed the International Standards of Passports set by the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO. These passports verify the citizenship and biometrics of the passport holder.


Passport Obligations

Every Somali citizen has the right to a Somali Passport as per Article 21, Sec 2 of the Somali Provisional Constitution. Every Somali citizen who intends to travel outside of the country for personal reasons must have a valid Somali passport.


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