How to Apply Visa.

Step 1: Get Visa on Arrival Approval Letter

How to Apply for Visa on Arrival Approval Letter:

1. Contact your Representative (Business partners, Company Representative, Protocol/Liaison Officer, etc) in Somalia.
2. The Representative files a formal request and for Visa on Arrival Approval on your behalf stating the following:

* Name of visitor
* Passport number of visitor
* Nationality
* Purpose of visit
* Address in Somalia
* Email address of the visitor
* Guarantee letter for the security of visitor

3. The representative shall attach the following documents in support of the application

* Copy of data page of visitor’s passport
* Copy of valid Return ticket


The request shall be processed and Approval issued within 48hrs (2 working days)

After the Approval Letter is obtained,(Hard Copy) by your representative, an advanced copy will be forwarded to you by email, copies of the same document will be forwarded to the Airline stated in your application, Immigration officer at the ports of entry.


Step 2: Pay for Visa on Arrival

Fill in the application form with your correct details and make payment at the port of entry.

Step 3: At the Port of Entry

Upon arrival at the port of entry proceed to clearly marked Visa on Arrival Desk for issuance of entry Visa. Present your approval letter, passport and evidence of payment for you to be issued with an Entry Visa.


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